General - King of the dwarfs. Husband of Kunhild. In Germanic stories, he abducted Kunhild, sister of Dietlieb, and fought Dietrich and his followers when they came to her rescue. He trapped Dietlieb and some of his knights in his underground palace where he had imprisoned Kunhild but they escaped and, after a fight, captured Laurin. When he promised to behave better in future, he was forgiven and allowed to marry Kunhild. (see also Andvari) Known as Laurin, Andvari, Andvari, Aelf-Ric, Aelfrich, Alberich, Alferich, Alfreiker, Alfrik, Alpris, Andvare, Elbegast, Elberich, Gondemar, Laurus, AelfRic, Alberich, Alfrigg, Elbegast or German Alberich.

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