British - A knight of King Arthur's court. One of the king's stewards. Husband of Trianor. He was the only man to realise that the bad Guinevere had taken over from the good Guinevere at the king's wedding feast. He left the court when Arthur rejected his warnings and was seduced by the witch Trianor. She gave him all the trappings of a rich noble and he returned to Camelot where he boasted that Trianor was the most beautiful woman in the world. He had been forbidden to speak her name and all his clothes and wealth disappeared. Guinevere would have had him executed but Trianor went to Camelot, struck the false queen blind and carried Lanfal off to her magic fairyland or, some say, to Avalon. Another story says that Guinevere tried to seduce him and was rejected. Tried for improper advances to the queen, he was saved when Trianor appeared and proved that she, not the queen, was his lover. At times, called Launfal, Lambewell, Lambewell, Lamwell, Lamwell, Landeval, Landeval, Lanfal, Lanfal, Lanval, Lanval, Lam(be)well, Lam(be)well, Lan(de)val or Lan(de)val.

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