Greek - King of Troy. Son of Ilus and Eurydice. Brother of Themiste and Tithonus. Husband of Strymo. Father of Antigone, Clytius, Hesione, Hicetaeon, Lampos, Podarces and Tithonus. Apollo and Poseidon had been ordered by Zeus to serve as slaves to Laomedon. The former tended his flocks while the sea-god built the walls of Troy. When the king refused to pay them, Poseidon sent a sea-monster to attack Troy, Laomedon chained his daughter Hesione to a rock in the sea as a sacrifice to propitiate the god. She was found and rescued by Hercules who had left the mares of Diomedes in charge of Laomedon. It is also said that he promised two immortal horses to Hercules if he would rid Troy of the monster. These horses had been given to the king of Troy by Zeus in compensation when he abducted Ganymede as his cup-bearer. Because Laomedon refused to hand over the mares or because he reneged on his promise of the two horses, Hercules later returned with an army, sacking Troy, killing Laomedon and setting his son, Podarces on the throne as Priam. Occasionally referred to as Laomedon, Laomedan, Laomedan, Laomedon or Laomedon.
Greek - Son of Heracles by Omphale. In some references, known as Laomedon, Laomedan, Laomedan, Laomedon or Laomedon.

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