Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Son of Niall. Brother of Cairbre, Conal Gulban, Eanna and Eoghan. He helped his brothers at the Battle of Ath Cro and took as a prize the wife of Cana, the Ulster king, who was slain by Conall. He once set out to arrest St Patrick for the grave offence of lighting his Easter fire before the king lit his at Tara but he was so impressed by the saint's powers that he converted to Christianity, though others say that he remained a pagan. He was killed, by lightning some say, when he attacked Leinster in an attempt to exact a tribute which he earlier promised to cancel. Called Laoghaire, Laegaire, Laegaire, Laoghaire, Laoghaire Buadhach, Laoghaire Lorc, Laeghaire, Laeghaire, Laery, Laery, Laoghaire, Laoghaire mac Criommhthann, Loegaire, Loegaire, Loeghaire or Loeghaire.

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