Laoghaire mac Criommhthann

Irish - Son of Criomthann Cas. Father of Ethne. Father of Fedelma, some say. When Goll mac Golb, ruler of Mag Mell, abducted the wife and daughter of Fiachna, Laoghaire took a force to the Otherworld, killed Goll, rescued the two women and married the daughter, Der Greine. He returned to Ireland after a year but soon returned to Mag Mell and was never seen again. Also referred to as Laoghaire mac Criommhthann, Laegaire mac Crimthainne, Laegaire mac Crimthainne, Laery, Laery, Laoghaire, Laoghaire Buadhach, Laoghaire Lorc, Laoghaire, Loeg(h)aire, Loeg(h)aire, Laoghaire, Loiguire mac Criomhthainn or Loiguire mac Criomhthainn.

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