Laoghaire Buadhach

Irish - A warrior of Ulster. One of the 12 champions of the Red Branch. Son of Connadh Buidhe. Husband of Fedelma. In a contest with Conal and Cuchulainn for the title of Champion of All Ulster, both he and Conal ran from the wildcats put in the room with them while Cuchulainn faced them with his sword. They were also tested by Ercal who attacked them first with witches and then fought them himself, losing only to Cuchulainn. In a beheading contest with a giant, all three decapitated the giant but only Cuchulainn was prepared to offer his own neck to the axe. When soldiers tried to drown the poet, Aedh, who had been condemned to death by Conor mac Nessa, he ran out of his house to intervene but smashed his head against the doorlintel. In his death throes, he killed all the soldiers and the poet escaped. In some accounts, called Laoghaire Buadhach, Winner of Battles, Winner of Battles, Laegaire, Laegaire, Laoghaire, Laoghaire Lorc, Laoghaire, Laery, Laery, Laoghaire, Laoghaire mac Criommhthann, Loegaire Buadac, Loegaire Buadac, Loeg(h)aire, Loeg(h)aire, Laoghaire, Loiguire, Loiguire, Laoghaire or Loaghaire.

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