Greek - Daughter of Acastus and Hippolyta or Astydamia. Sister of Sterope and Sthenele. Wife of Protesilaus. Protesilaus was the first man ashore when the Greeks landed at Troy and was soon killed. The gods sent Hermes to Tartarus to bring him back so that his grieving wife might see him once more. Laodamia refused to be parted from him again and killed herself so that she could accompany him to Tartarus. Others say that she spent all her time grieving over an image of her dead husband and, when her father threw it on the fire, she threw herself after it. Sometimes known as Laodamia, Laodameia, Laodameia or Laodamia.
English - A poem by Wordsworth telling the story of her love for Protesilaus. Occasionally referred to as Laodamia, Laodameia, Laodameia or Laodamia.

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