Chinese - God of alchemists and potters. One of the San Ch'ing, the Three. Pure Ones. The founder of Taoism. He is said to have been born under a plum tree from a virgin birth after sixty (some say seventy or eighty) years in his mother's womb, already greyhaired with age. Others say that he was born from his mother's left side in 1321 BC. His original name was Li Erh; he was deified as Lao Chün and was regarded as an incarnation of T'ai Shan, or Shen P'ao, living in the highest Azure Palace. He is depicted riding a buffalo. At times, identified as Lao-tzu, Lao Chün, Lao Chün, Lao Tan, Lao Tan, Lao Tun, Lao Tun, Li Erh, Li Erh, Old Master, Old Master, Laocius, Laocius, T'ai Shan, T'ai Shan, Mount T'ai, Niang Niang, sacred mountains, The Old Master, The Old Master, The Old Philosopher, The Old Philosopher, (c 600-517 ), (c 600-517 ), Shou-he or Shou-he.

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