Hindu - A minor god. Son of Dasha-ratha and Su-Mitra. Twin brother of Shatrughna. Half-brother of Bharata and Rama. Consort of Urmita. Father of Angada and Chandraketu. He was with Rama when the rakshasi, Shurpanakha, attacked Rama's wife Sita and they wounded the demoness, who was Ravana's sister, so precipitating the battle between Rama and Ravana. He helped Rama in his battle with the demon Ravana and, in some versions, it was he, rather than Rama who killed the demon. In some accounts, he is regarded as an incarnation of Ananta. Some say that he died quietly, meditating on the banks of a river, others that he sacrificed his life for Rana and as a result was taken up into heaven. Sometimes identified as Lakshmana, Ananta, Ananta, Adisechen, Adisesa, Charaka, Endless One, 'infinite', Remainder, Ses(h)a, Ses(h)anaga, Vasuki, World Serpent, Buddhist Muchalinda, Lakshman or Lakshman.

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