Greek - King of Thebes. Son of Labdacus. Husband of Jocasta. Father of Oedipus. He lost the throne, which he had inherited as an infant, to Amphion and Zethus but regained it when they died. He abducted the boy Chrysippus as a lover and, as a result, was cursed by the boy's father, Pelops. Believing the Delphic oracle that any son of his would kill him, he abandoned his first-born on Mount Cithaeron after piercing his feet with nails. He later met Oedipus without realising he was his son and when his charioteer, Polyprontes, drove over Oedipus' foot, Oedipus killed both Laius and his charioteer. Occasionally called Laius, Laios or Laios.

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