Labraid Loiseach

Irish - A king of Leinster. Son of Ailill. As a boy, he was known as Labraid but he lost the power of speech when Covac forced him to swallow pieces of the hearts of his father and grandfather, whom Covac had killed, and was thereafter known as Maon. He fell in love with Moriath of Munster but fled to France to escape Covac. Moriath sent a harper called Craftiny to convey her love for Maon and he, recovering his speech, returned at the head of an army, killed Covac, married Moriath and took over the throne. In some accounts, he was called Maon first and Labraid Loiseach later. Some say that he had an iron chamber built in which he imprisoned Covac and his thirty followers. He then built fires round the walls and roasted them to death. He was said to have horse's ears and all who knew the secret were killed. One barber who was spared told the secret to a tree. A harp made for Craftiny from the wood of this tree gave away the secret when played. Some say that St Brigit turned the horse's ears into normal human ears. Occasionally referred to as Labraid Loiseach, Labra the Mariner, Labra the Mariner, Labraid Loingseach, Labraid Loingseach, Labraid Loingsech, Labraid Loingsech, Lorc, Lorc, Maon, Maon, Moen, Moen, Maon, Labraid Loingse(a)ch, Labraid Loingse(a)ch, Labhraidh Loingsech or Labhraidh Loingsech.

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