Korean - A king. Husband of Yuhwa. Father of Deso. Hebura, the king, found a little boy, in the form of a golden frog, under a stone and adopted him, calling him Kumwa. When Hebura died, Kumwa took the throne. He met the maiden Yuhwa, who claimed to be the daughter of a riverearl, and had been banished after being raped by Hemosu who had claimed to be a heavenly being. Kumwa gave her shelter and she eventually bore a large egg from which emerged the boy Chumong. Kumwa was persuaded by his son Deso to kill Chumong but the boy escaped. Referred to as Kumwa, Golden Frog, Golden Frog, Gum-Wa, Gum-Wa, Gumwa or Gumwa.

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