Hindu - A demon. Son of Vishravas by one of the rakshasas. Half-brother of Kubera, Ravana and Vibhishana. This monster was said to be over 2,000 miles tall and could eat 5,000 women or 4,000 cows at one meal. He was awake for only one day in every six months but was awake long enough to help Ravana in the battle with Rama during which he ate many of Rama's troops but was killed by Rama and Sugriva. Sometimes known as Kumbhakharna, Kubera, Kubera, Duhsaha, Kubera, Dhana-pati, Dhanada, K(a)uvera, Nara-raja, Ratnagarbha, Vaishravana, Vibishana, Yaksha, Kubera Sudurmukha or Yaksha.

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