Mesopotamian - The supreme god of the Hurrians, creator-god and father of the gods. Father of Hedammu and Ullikummi. Son of Anu. He castrated his father by biting off his genitals and then spat out three gods, Teshub, Tasmisus and the river-god Aranzakh. He married the daughter of a sea-god and they produced the monster Hedammu which came out of the sea to devour animals and humans. When he was overthrown by Teshub, he produced, by impregnating a stone pillar, the giant, Ullikummi, to help him but this being was rendered helpless by Ea. Also identified as Kumarbi, Ellil, Ellil, Sumerian Enlil, Elil, Enlil, Enlil, Bel-Enlil, Great Mountain, Ilu, Lord of the Storm, Narru, Nunammir, Old Bel, Rimm, Rimn, Zulummar, Bel, Illil(os), Ilu, 'windlord', Babylonian Adad, Ea, Hurrian Ellil, Kumarbis, Kumarbis, Ellil or Ellil.

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