North American - The creator-god of the Mohave. Indians. Twin brother of Tochipa. In some accounts it was he who caused the flood. Also commonly known as Kukumatz, Gucumatz, Gucumatz, Bowels of Earth, Bowels of Heaven, Four Ends of the Earth, Gugumatz, Gukamatz, Gukumatz, Heart of Heaven, Four Ends of Earth, Heart of Haven, Plumed Serpent, Aztec Quetzalcoatl, Mohave Kukumatz, Hokomata, Hokomata, Kucumatz, Kucumatz, Mayan Gucamatz, Mayan Gucamatz, Ah Kin, Ah Kin, Ah Kinchil, Alcan Chob, Chi Chac Chob, Kinich Ahau or Kinich Kakmo.

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