Kuan Ti

Chinese - (162-220). A Confucian god of war. A god of wealth, in some accounts. His original name was Chang, a 2nd- 3rd C bean-curd seller, who became a soldier, rising to the rank of general. He was deified after being taken prisoner and executed. He is one of the three bean-curd gods; the others are Chiao Kuan and Huai-nan-tzu. He is represented as a giant, nine feet tall, with a long beard and red eyes, and is regarded as the patron of sellers of bean-curd and of hotel keepers. Identified as Kuan Ti, Emperor Kuan, Emperor Kuan, Kuan Kung, Kuan Kung, P'u-sa Kuan, P'u-sa Kuan, Chang, Chang, Fo-mo Ta Ti, Fo-mo Ta Ti, Kuan Yü, Kuan Yü, Kuan-ti, Wu-an Wang, Wu-an Wang, King of Military Pacification, Wu Ti, Wu Ti or Military Emperor.

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