Chinese - A provincial governor. He explored a pothole and claimed to have found the site of hell from which the cries of the damned could be heard. Occasionally known as Ku, Kun or Kun.
Pacific Islands - An ancestral god of Hawaii, a war-god and god of agriculture. He helped Kane or Tane and Lono to make the world and mankind. On occassion, known as Ku, Kun or Kun.
Pacific Islands - A monster in the form of a huge dog. He could turn himself into a man whenever he wished. In the guise of a small dog, he formed an attachment to Na-pihe-nui, the daughter of a chief but ran off when her father tried to kill him. He then changed into a handsome prince to woo the maiden but her father refused to sanction the marriage. He next turned himself into a huge fierce dog and ate many of the chief's tribesmen. The warriors of the tribe finally killed him and cut him in half. Each half was turned into a large stone by the priests. Also known as Ku, Kun or Kun.

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