Kshathra Varya

Persian - One of the 7 Amesha Spentas. An aspect of Ahura Mazda as 'the. Desired kingdom'. Guardian of metals. He is assisted in his work by Aniran, Asman and Mithra and is opposed by the demon Saura. Also known as Kshathra Varya, Khshathra Vairya, Khshathra Vairya, Shahrevar, Shahrevar, Shhri-var, Shhri-var, 'chosen', 'chosen', 'dominion', 'dominion', Khshatthra Vairya, Khshatthra Vairya, Shathra, Shathra, Kshathra Vairya, Shihri-var or Shihri-var.

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