North American - A Zuni plumed serpent-god of plenty. A god of lightning. In one story he was upset when a young maiden polluted the water he lived in by washing her clothes there and turned himself into a baby which she found and took home with her. There he resumed his former shape as a serpent and slept with her. Now committed to his power, she was forced to leave her family and go with Koloowise who, en route, changed into a handsome young man. Sometimes called Koloowise, Koloowisi, Koloowisi, Kolowissi, Kolowissi, Serpent of the Sea, Serpent of the Sea, Aztec Quetzalcoatl, Aztec Quetzalcoatl, Gucumatz, Itzamna, Kaloowise, Kanikilak, Kukulcan, Palulukon, Quaaqua, Raven, Raven, Hopi Palulukon, Hopi Palulukon or Quetzalcoatl .

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