North American - A creator-goddess of the Hopi. Daughter of Sotuknang. She made men and women from clay and brought them to life but they were rougher characters than those fashioned by the Huruing Wuhti sisters. Others say that she made the first humans from spittle and dust in a kind of underworld. When her father flooded their world because they had become wicked, she led them to the upper world. Here she created two more beings, Palongwhoya and Poquanghoya, who protected men from evil demons. Also called Kokyangwuti, Hahai Wugti, Hahai Wugti, Hahaiwugti, Naste Estsan, Spider-woman, Spider Woman, Kahyangwuti, Kahyangwuti, Kokyangwuqti or Kokyangwuqti.

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