Japanese - A kitchen-goddess whose spirit. Inhabits the enoki tree. She was originally a demon who ate children but later became their guardian deity. Old and discarded dolls are dedicated to her. In some accounts, Kojin is male and equated with Kamado-no-kami, Jigami or Oyamakui. At times, identified as Kojin, Kamado-no-kami, Kamado-no-kami, Hi-no-kami, Kama-Gami, Kamadogami, Kamadokami, Kami-Gami, O-kama-sama, Kama-gami, Kami-gami, Kojin-sama, Kojin-sama, Sambo-kojin, Sambo-kojin, Sambo-Ko-Jin or Sambo-Ko-Jin.

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