European - A magician. Duke of Terre Labur. He was castrated by Ibert and became a wizard. Some say he was a bishop. In some versions, he imprisoned several queens, including King Arthur's mother, Arnive, but they were rescued by Gawain. In the Wagnerian version of Parsifal's (Percival's) quest for the Holy Grail, Klingsor was refused admission to the Temple of the Grail so he built a garden of delight nearby where many knights seeking the grail were seduced from their honourable path. He took the sacred spear from Amfortas and wounded him with it. When he tried to kill Parsifal with the spear, it miraculously stopped in its flight and floated round Parsifal's head. Parsifal used the spear as a means to destroy the garden and banish Klingsor from the earth. In some accounts, his home is called Schastel Marveil. Occasionally referred to as Klingsor, Clinschor, Clinschor, Klingshor or Klingshor.

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