East Indian - A sea-goddess, goddess of storms. She met Senapati when he was swimming and took him to her underwater palace where he became her lover. He later returned to his home and became king of Java. In some accounts, referred to as Kidul, Belerong, Belerong, Belorong, Belorong, Gedé Segoro Kidul, Gedé Segoro Kidul, Lara Kidul, Lara Kidul, Nyai Belorong, Nyai Belorong, Nyai Gedé Segoro, Nyai Gedé Segoro, Nyai Lara Kidul, Nyai Lara Kidul, Ratu Kidul, Ratu Kidul, Ratu Lara Kidul, Ratu Lara Kidul, Kali, Ratu Loro, Ratu Loro, (Nyai) Belorong, (Nyai) Belorong, (Nyai) Gedé Segoro, (Nyai) Gedé Segoro, (Nyai) Lara or (Nyai) Lara.

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