Egyptian - A moon-god, wind-god, war-god and god of healing. Son of Amon and Mut or of Sebek and Hathor. He was Thoth as 'Lord of Time' and Shu as 'Lord of All'. In some accounts, he grew out of the leg of Osiris after he had been cut to pieces by Set. As Khensu-Hor or Khensu-Ra he was a sun-god. He is sometimes depicted as a child, as falcon-headed, or as a dog-headed baboon and may be shown standing on a crocodile. In some lore, occasionally known as Khons, Chons, Chons, Chunsu, Chunsu, Khens, Khens, Khensu, Khensu, Khonsu, Khonsu, Khuns, Khuns, Lord of All, Lord of All, Shu, Shu, Shu, Anhur, Su, Lord of Air, Shou, Greek Sos, Heka, Thoth, Thoth, Dehuti, Djeheuty, Djehuti, Hermes, Lord of Magic, Lord of Sesennu, sacred birds, Tat, Techu, Thaut, Thot, Thout, Thouti, Zehuti, Zhouti, Aah(-te-huti), Dhouti, D(j)ehuti, Eye of Horus, He Zur, Lord of Sessenu, Lord of Time, Tongue of Ptah, Trismegistus, Greek Hermes, Tahuti, Tehuti, Phoenician Taaut, Esden, Traveller, The, Traveller, The, Khens(u), Khens(u), The Traveller, The Traveller, Greek Heracles, Greek Heracles, Arsaphes, Baal Tyre, Gisdhubar, Hereklo, Krishna, Melkarth, Vahagn, Verethragna, Vritrahana, Ah, Ah, Aah, Aah-te-Huti or Aah(-te-Huti).

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