Khenti Amentiu

Egyptian - A funerary god, god of the underworld. This jackal-headed deity was later assimilated with Osiris who ruled the underworld under that name. Other versions give Khenty-imentiu as a name for Anubis and later for Osiris. Also commonly referred to as Khenti Amentiu, Chenti Amentiu, Chenti Amentiu, Chontamenti, Chontamenti, Chonti-amentiu, Chonti-amentiu, Khentamenti, Khentamenti, Khenty-imentiu, Khenty-imentiu, King of the Dead, King of the Dead, First of the Westerners, First of the Westerners, Khenti-Amentiu, Wepwawet, Wepwawet, Ap-uat, Apuat, Opener of Ways, Ophois, Pathfinder, Upuat, Upuaut, Sekhemtaui or Upua(u)t.

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