Arabian - An early vegetation-god and sea-god. The original Khadir was born in Persia in 1077 and died in 1166. He was a prophet who became immortal after drinking from the Well of Life, the only mortal allowed to do so. He accompanied Alexander the Great into a cave in search of the well. He used a jewel to guide them but they became separated and Khadir stumbled in the darkness and fell into the well. As a result of drinking from the well, he turned a bluish-green colour. He managed to find his way out of the cave and is said to be still alive, wandering the face of the earth, returning once every 500 years to the same place. It is said that he can speak every language. When he was captured, his chains turned to dust. On another occasion, King Abud ordered his men to kill the prophet but their swords turned against the soldiers and killed them. When the king, Jantam, gave his daughter to Alexander as a wife, Khadir used his magic to fill the king's storehouse with treasure. In another version, Khadir was cook to Alexander the Great on his expedition into the desert. As he washed a dried fish in a pool, prior to cooking it for his master's supper, the fish came to life and swam away. Khadir drank some of the water and, as in other versions, turned green and became immortal. Alexander wanted to achieve immortality himself but the pool could no longer be found and he would have killed the cook had he not been invulnerable. He finally threw the unfortunate Khadir, weighted with stones, into the sea, whereupon Khadir turned into a sea-god, still immortal. One story tells how a king had been duped by a dervish but the king pardoned him on the advice of Khadir. His judgment was demonstrated when, having smashed a boat, killed a youth and rebuilt a wall, he explained that the boat was destined to be captured by pirates, the youth to become an evil man and the wall contained much treasure that would now go to two orphans and not to the greedy tenant. Khadir is depicted as a young man but nevertheless with white hair and beard. Sometimes known as Khadir, El Hidr, El Hidr, El Khadir, El Khadir, El Khidir, El Khidir, El Khidr, El Khidr, El Kidir, El Kidir, El Kidr, El Kidr, Green Man, Green Man, Green One, The, Green One, The, Hadir, Hadir, Hidr, Hidr, Khidir, Khidir, Khidu, Khidu, Khizr, Khizr, Kidir, Kidir, Kidr, Kidr, Kilir, Kilir, Matun, Matun, Nabi Khadir, Nabi Khadir, Nabi Khidir, Nabi Khidir, Nabu, Nabu, Al-Khidr, Al-Khidr, (El) Hidr, (El) Hidr, (El) K(h)idir, (El) K(h)idir, (El) Kidr, (El) Kidr, Nabi, Nabi, The Green Man, The Green Man, The Green One or The Green One.

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