Persian - A semi-divine hero. Son of Thrita Athwiya. Brother of Urvakhshaya. Husband of Khnathati. He was the son of one of the first four men to press the divine drink, Haoma, from the fruit of the Gaokerena tree. He fought the monster Gandarewa for nine days and nights and killed the monsters Arazoshamana, Hitaspa, Kamak, Kaput, Pitaona, Srvara and Vareshava. He was once captured and seduced by the sorceress Khnathati but he managed to escape. He later married her. He is destined to kill Angra Mainya and the demon Dahak in the final battle when good triumphs over evil. On occassion, known as Keresaspa, Garshasp, Garshasp, Krsaspa, Krsaspa, Nariman, Nariman, Thraetona, Thraetona, Atar, Faridun, Thraetama, Thraetana, Thraetaona, Thraitauna, Trita, Verethragna or Thraeta(o)na.

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