Keng San Ku-niang

Chinese - 3 sisters of Chao Kung-ming. Their brother was killed in the Battle of Mu and they tried to avenge his death by throwing their red buckets (water-closets) at the enemy forces. Two of them, Ch'iung Hsiao and Pi Hsiao, were killed. For their efforts in the great battle, they were appointed guardians of childbirth. Another version says that the interpretation as three goddesses is mistaken and has Keng San Ku as the Third Lady of the Privy, a goddess who was the mortal, Lady Ch'i, second wife of an official. His first wife, Lady Ts'ao, killed Ch'i by throwing her into the privy. She is alternatively known as Third Lady (San Ku), Purple Lady or Seventh Lady (Ch'i Ku). In some lore, occasionally called Keng San Ku-niang, Ch'i-ku, Ch'i-ku, Lady Ch'i, Lady Ch'i, Lady Ts'ao, Lady Ts'ao, Lavatory Ladies, Lavatory Ladies, Pi Hsiao, Pi Hsiao, Purple Lady, Purple Lady, San-ku, San-ku, Third Lady, Third Lady, Third Lady of the Privy, Third Lady of the Privy, Three Lavatory Ladies, Three Lavatory Ladies, (Three) Lavatory Ladies or (Three) Lavatory Ladies.

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