Kay Khusraw

Persian - A mythical king. Son of Siyawush. Before he was born, his spirit intervened when Nairyosangha was about to kill Kay Kaus, his grandfather. His pleas saved Kay Kaus from death. He was raised by shepherds in Afghanistan and became a skilled warrior, fighting lions at the age of ten. He was said to have killed the demon Afrasiyab. In Persia, a noble named Gudarz dreamt of this future king and sent his son, Gew, to bring him back to Persia. Here he slew a dragon and killed the man who had killed his father. After reigning for many years, he abdicated in favour of his son and disappeared into the mountains. He was guided to heaven by Sraosha. In some accounts, identified as Kay Khusraw, Chosrow, Chosrow, Kai Khusrau, Kai Khusrau, Kay Khosraw, Kay Khosraw, Kay Khushraw, Kay Khushraw, Khosrou, Khosrou, Haoshravah, Haoshravah, Arab Kisra or Arab Kisra.

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