Kay Kaus

Persian - A mythical king. Husband of Sudabe. Father of Siyawush. He led an army to rid the land of demons but the leader of the demons, Diw-e-Safid (Arzang), pelted the army with stones from above and took Kay Kaus, who had been blinded by the stones, prisoner. He was later rescued by the great hero, Rustem, who cured the king's blindness. When the king, riding an eagle, pursued some of the demons to their stronghold in the mountains, God caused him to fall down the mountain. His second wife, Sudabe, accused Siyawush, the king's son by his first wife, of making advances though it was she who was guilty of trying to seduce the young prince. Siyawush fled from the palace but was killed by the demon Afrasiyab. He was tempted by the evil demons, the Mazainyon, to take over the kingdom of heaven and tried to fly by tethering an eagle to each corner of his throne and urging them on with lumps of meat held in front of them on spears. He failed in the attempt and would have been killed by Ahura Mazda's messenger, Nairyosangha, but the spirit of his yet-to-be-born grandson, Kay Khusraw, pleaded for his life and saved him. He ruled for fifty years before the usurper, Kay Khusraw, took over the throne. At times, identified as Kay Kaus, Kai Kaus, Kai Kaus, Kavy Usan, Kavy Usan, Kavi Usan, Kavi Usan, Hindu Kavya, Hindu Kavya or kai.

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