Hindu - A war-god, an aspect of Shiva. Son of Agni and Ganga. Brother of Ganesha, some say. Consort of Kumari or Devasena. Accounts of his birth are many and varied. Some say that he was born in the Ganges after Shiva spilt semen which dropped first on a fire which it extinguished and then into the river. Others say that Indra saw the demon, Kesir, about to rape the maiden, Devasena, drove him off and took the girl to heaven where she married Agni, bearing his son, Karttikeya. Yet another story says that Agni resisted the urge to seduce the wives of the Seven Rishis when he saw them bathing but was himself seduced by Svaha, who appeared in the form of each of those seven wives, and it was from this union that Karttikeya, as Subrahmanya, was born. Some say Karttikeya was formed from Brahma's ear or was Rudra's son. His alternative name was Skanda and, in that role, his origins are somewhat different. He is depicted as six-headed and riding his favourite peacock, Paravani. Sometimes referred to as Karttikeya, Kartikeya, Kartikeya, Karttikaya, Karttikaya, Skanda, Agneya, Agneya, Subrahmanya, Ganga-ja, Ganga-ja, Guha, Guha, K(a)umara, K(a)umara, Mahasena, Mahasena, Mangala, Mangala, Shiva, Sena-pati, Sena-pati, Senapati, Subra(h)manya, Subra(h)manya, Greek Ares, Greek Ares, Anhur, Gradivus, Gravidus, Maris, Mars or Nergal.

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