East Indian - A Javanese warrior. Son of Suria and Kunti. It was said that Karna was born from Kunti's ear. In some references, identified as Karna.
Hindu - Son of Surya and Kunti. Kunti prayed to Surya and bore a son, whom she abandoned. The baby was cast adrift on the Ganges but was rescued by Shatananda, a charioteer to King Dhartarastra, who called the boy Karna and raised him to be a charioteer. Indra gave him an unerring spear which he used in a contest to win the hand of Draupadi. When she rejected his suit, he joined forces with the Kauravas. He met his half-brother, Arjuna, in single combat and was killed. In some lore, occasionally called Karna.

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