Mesopotamian - An Assyrian demi-goddess of sickness. In some accounts, she is described as a demon with a pale face, the ears of a donkey and poisonous claws who was said to kill suckling infants. Later, installed as guardians at the entrances to palaces, she (and the male Sedu) were depicted as winged bull/ human hybrids. In Sumerian lore she was originally a protective deity. In some accounts, Karibatu is the same as Lamastu, but in others they are regarded as separate benevolent beings. Also known as Karibatu, Lamassu, Lamassu, Lamashtu, Lamast, Lamasta, Lamme, Lammea, Lamast(a), Lamastu, Lambosi, Lamme(a), Lamassu, Lamassu, Sumerian Dimmea or Sumerian Dimmea.

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