African - An ancestral king. Son of Kihanga. Husband of Inaruchaba. Father of Mwezi. His uncle Mashira told him to have a sword made and then kill a serpent which lived in a cave. This he did and then decided to live in the cave which was full of treasure. A chief's daughter, left outside the cave as a sacrifice to the serpent, married Kanyarundi. His father sent him two drums, Kagenda and Mukakagenda, for a wedding present. He was called Intare Rushadi amd later became King Intare, married Inaruchaba and had a son, Mwezi. His sword was called Inkoto. At times, identified as Kanyarundi, Chambara-Ntama, Chambara-Ntama, Intare, Intare, Intare Rushadi, Intare Rushadi, Intare (-Rushadi) or Intare (-Rushadi).

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