Hindu - The tyrant, king of Mathura. Son of Drumalika by Pavanarekha. Son of Kasyapa, some say. Brother of Sunaman. Brother of Devaki, some say. His nominal father was Ugrasena but his real father was the demon Drumalika who had raped the queen Pavanarekha to produce a son who would rule the world. He began a life of great cruelty by murdering Ugrasena and taking his throne. When he was told that his future killer was about to be born he ordered that all new-born males be killed. Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu, escaped and was reared by cowherds. Kansa sent demons to harry Krishna who defeated them all and finally he invited Krishna to his court where he had posted a wrestler and an elephant to crush Krishna when he arrived. Kansa and his eight brothers were killed by Krishna, helped by his halfbrother Balarama. Some say that he was an incarnation of Kalanemi. Identified as Kansa, Kamsa or Kamsa.

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