South American - A culture-hero of the Bakairi Indians. The moon personified. Son of Oka. Twin brother of Keri. The mother of Kame and Keri conceived them by swallowing two bones. Her mother-in-law killed her but the two children were saved. The brothers pushed up the sky to make room for men to live and invented fire and water. They also produced all the animals of the earth from a hollow tree and set the sun and moon on their present courses through the sky. In the lore of the Caingang, Kame's twin brother is known as Kayurukre while the Bororo of Brazil say that the twins were the offspring of Jaguar and the daughter of a chief. Jaguar's mother, a caterpillar, killed the girl by making her laugh until she died. Her husband rescued the twins from her womb and killed the caterpillar by burning her. In some lore, occasionally known as Kame, kami, kami, jingi, kame, kamit or kame.

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