North American - A spirit of an ancestor in the lore of the Pueblo Indians. These beings are said to live on the earth in winter and in the underworld in summer. Some say they live in lakes. The chief priest will wear a mask of a god during ceremonial dances and, while so engaged, becomses the god himself. In some references, referred to as Kachina, Ahola, Ahola, Katchina, Katchina, Katsinas, Katsinas, Gahe, Gahe, Great Black Gahe, Great Blue Gahe, Great White Gahe, Great Yellow Gahe, Hactce, Hactci, Hactcin, Mountain People, Mountain Spirits, Apache Hactcin, Lipan Apache Hactci, Havaho Hactce, Pueble Katchina, White Mountain Apache Ga'n, Shiwanna, Shiwanna, Ashiwanni, Cloud-people, Shiwana or Cloud People.

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