African - The supreme god of the Bushmen. Husband of Coti. Father of Cogaz and Gewi. He was swallowed by an ogre but was vomited up unharmed. When he died after being pricked by thorns, the agents of Gauna, the ants, ate all the flesh from his bones but he resurrected himself. He is said to have made the moon from an old shoe and can turn his shoes into dogs which attack his enemies. All his power resides in one of his teeth and he operates through the agency of the caterpillar and the mantis. In some lore, occasionally called Kaang, Cagn, Cagn, I Kaggen, Cang, Cang, Kaggen, Kaggen, Kang, Kang, Kho, Kho, Kho Thora, Kho Thora, Thora, Thora, (I) Kaggen, (I) Kaggen, Kho (Thora), Kho (Thora), Ngo or Ngo.

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