Arabian - A powerful spirit made of fire which assumes all kinds of shapes. The five orders of jinn, in descending order of power, are marid, efrit, shaitan, jinn, jann. They were created some 5,000 years ago and lived on Mount Qaf but were dispersed when they became disobedient. The survivors reassembled on an island in the Indian Ocean from where they now operate. They are said to have magic powers over humans and interbreed with them. In some accounts they are described as half hyaena, half wolf, with the power to take the form of any animal, serpent or giant invisible to humans. It is said that they ride abroad at night on such mounts as foxes or ostriches. Occasionally called jinnee, djinn, djinn, djinni, djinni, genie, ginn, ginn, jinn, jinn, jinni, jinni, (d)jinni, (d)jinni, femalejinniyah, femalejinniyah, plur(d)jinn, plur(d)jinn, jann, jann, Moroccan jnun, Moroccan jnun, jin, Pacific Islands jin, Pacific Islands jin, jnun, Persian narah or Persian narah.

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