Hindu - A huge bird, king of the vultures. An incarnation of Garuda. Son of Garuda, some say. Brother of Sampati. He saw Ravana abducting Sita and tried to stop him but the demon tore out his feathers and left him dying. He lived long enough to tell Rama what had happened to his wife and was then taken up to heaven. In one account, he caught the falling Dasha-ratha when he was thrown out of heaven by Shani and so saved his life. In some lore, occasionally called Jatayu, Garuda, Garuda, Devourer, Garutmant, Gerda, Suparna, Taraswin, Cambodian KruthJapanese Bingacho, Gario, Karobinga, Kasobinga, Tibetan Kyung-Gai in Go-can, Thai Khrut, Jatayas, Jatayas, Jatayus or Jatayus.

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