Greek - Son of Aeson and Alcimede. Brother of Promachus. Husband of Medea. Father of Medus, Mermerus and Pheres, and, in some accounts, Alcimenes, Eriopis, Thessalus and Tisander. His name at first was Diomedes and he was reared by Chiron to escape Pelias who tried to kill anyone who might be a threat and changed his name to Jason. As a result of his kindness to the goddess Hera whom he carried across a river in flood when she visited earth in the guise of an old woman, he was granted the protection of the goddess in his later adventures. He claimed the throne of Iolcus from Pelias who had usurped it from Aeson and Pelias agreed to surrender it if Jason would lay the ghost of Phrixus which was haunting him and bring back the Golden Fleece to Iolcus. This initiated the quest for the Golden Fleece told in the story of the Argonauts. In some stories, Alcimede appears as Polymede. Also identified as Jason, Diomedes, Diomedes, Diomed(e), Iason, Iason, Ieson, Ieson, 'healer', 'healer', Argonauts, Argonauts, Minyae or Minyans.

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