Persian - An early king or culture-hero. Mentioned in Shah Name. Son of Vivahvant. In some accounts, he is the same as Yima, in others they are separate beings. In the latter case, he was said to have lived for 700 years but neglected to worship and was expelled for 100 years being finally sawn in half. He owned a goblet which was reputed to contain the elixir of life. Other versions say that he ruled for 1,000 years, teaching the arts of weaving, working in precious metals and stones and masonry. He was murdered by Zahak. At times, called Jamshid, Giamshid, Giamshid, Jamshyd, Jamshyd, Jemshid, Jemshid, Yima, Yima, Great Shepherd, The, Manu, Manu, The Great Shepherd, Buddhist Yen Wang, Hindu Yama, Norse Ymir, Giamschid or Giamschid.

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