Hindu - A demon. Son of Ganga. Consort of Vrindha. He threatened to take over the universe so the gods forged a powerful sun-disc to kill him. Vishnu, in the form of Jalandhara, seduced Vrindha who, ashamed at what had happened, committed suicide. This angered Jalandhara so that he attacked the gods who then produced their secret weapon and cut off his head. He became whole again when his blood fell into the ocean but eventually the goddesses lapped up the blood and he weakened and died. An alternative version says that Jalandhara sent the demon Rahu to seize Sakti, wife of Shiva, but that god created the lion-headed monster, Kurttimukha, by discharging a tremendous burst of power from his eyes. This scared Rahu away and the hungry demon was forced to eat himself. At times, called Jalandhara.

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