Japanese - The Shinto primaeval mother-goddess. Daughter of Kuni-toko-tachi. Sister and wife of Izanagi. Mother of Amaterasu, Hiru-Ko, Kazu- Tsuchi, Susanowa and Tsukiyomo. She and Izanagi were two of the seventeen gods of creation. Standing on the bridge of heaven they stirred the primaeval waters with a spear and created an island, Onogoro, with the brine that came up on the blade. They also created an island called Awagi and the rest of the islands of Japan. She died when giving birth to Kazu-Tsuchi. Her husband went down to the underworld to fetch her back but it was too late - she had already eaten the food of the dead. She was allowed to return if Izanagi did not look at her but, as in the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, he broke his promise. She sent many demons after him when he fled at the sight of her rotting corpse but he escaped, blocking the entrance with a huge boulder. While in the underworld she produced many other deities from her bodily discharges. Occasionally identified as Izanami, August Female, August Female, Isanami or Isanami.

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