Greek - King of the Lapiths. Son of Antion, Peision or Phlegyas. Husband of Dia. Father by Nephele of Centaurus, the ancestor of the Centaurs. Father of Peirithous, some say. He arranged to marry Dia and pay for the honour but he reneged on his promise and when her father, Eioneus, demanded the money, Ixion killed him by luring him to fall into a pit of burning material. He fathered Peirithous on her, although the real father may well have been Zeus. When Zeus invited him to dinner in Olympia, Ixion tried to seduce Hera but was forestalled by Zeus who created a likeness (Nephele) from cloud-material. She bore the Centaurs or, in some accounts, Centaurus who fathered the Centaurs on the Magnesian mares. Zeus punished Ixion by having him tied to a burning wheel forever revolving in the heavens or, in some stories, in Tartarus. Identified as Ixion, 'strong' or 'strong'.

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