Ix Chel

Central American - A Mayan moon-goddess, water-goddess, goddess of childbirth and weaving. Consort of Itzamna or Votan. Mother of the Bacabs. She is said to hold a jug from which she can produce another world flood at any time and is envisaged as a combination of a waterfall and a serpent. In some accounts, as Ix Chebel Yax, she is identified with the Virgin Mary. Occasionally known as Ix Chel, Chibiliax, Chibiliax, Chibirias, Chibirias, Ix Chebel Yax, Ix Chebel Yax, Ix Kamleom, Ix Kamleom, Ix Kamleon, Ix Kamleon, Ix Zacal Nok, Ix Zacal Nok, Ixchel, Ixchel, Ixkamleom, Ixkamleom, Ixkamleon, Ixkamleon, Lady of the Rainbow, Lady of the Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow, Lubangala, Chibilias, Chibilias, (Lady of the) Rainbow, (Lady of the) Rainbow, Toltec Ix Ch'up, Toltec Ix Ch'up, Ix-huyne, Ix-huyne or Ix Ch'up.

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