Norse - Son of Ragnar Lodbrok and Aslaug. Brother of Biorn, Hvitserk, Rogenwald, Sigurd and Ubbe. He was a cripple from birth and was carried into battle on a shield from where he shot his arrows to great effect. He also learned the art of magic and used it to kill the enchanted cow that helped Eystein, the Swedish king, when he invaded Denmark. When his father was killed in a raid on Northumberland, Ivar and his brothers made another raid, hoping to exact vengeance. Instead, they were soundly beaten and Ivar and his brothers surrendered. The king, Ella, gave them land on which the survivors built a fortress which, it is said, became the city of London. Ivar gradually won over the people and they finally rose against Ella who was slain on a stone altar. In some accounts, identified as Ivar, Ingvar or Ingvar.

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