Russian - A prince. When the firebird stole apples from the tsar's magic tree, he sent Ivan and his two brothers to capture the bird. They seized it and the maiden Yelena but the two brothers killed Ivan before returning home. The prince was restored to life by a wolf and returned to claim Yelena as his wife. In another version, the tsar wanted Yelena for his wife and sent Ivan to seize her. Ivan fell in love with his captive and the wolf which had helped him in his quest resolved the problem by turning himself into a likeness of bride. When the wolf resumed its normal shape, the tsar died of shock and Ivan was able to marry Yelena and took the throne. In some accounts, referred to as Ivan.
Russian - The youngest of 3 brothers. When his father died, Ivan guarded the grave for three nights and was rewarded with the gift of Silver Roan, a magic horse. Ivan was transformed from a peasant into a handsome youth and won the hand of the tsar's daughter. In some references, identified as Ivan.
Serbian - A knight. He and his friends Milan and Milosh were thrown into jail by the Hungarian general, Voutcha. Marko rode to their rescue and captured the general and his son, trading them for the release of his three friends. Occasionally identified as Ivan.
Serbian - A prince. Ruler of Montenegro. Father of Maximus. He sailed to Venice to sue for the hand of the doge's daughter for his handsome son Maximus but had to call on Milosh Obrenbegovitch to woo her for Maximus when his son contracted smallpox which disfigured him. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Ivan.

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