Norse - A dwarf blacksmith. Husband of Greip and Sol. Father of Dvalin by Greip. Father of Idun by Sol. In some accounts he is known as Vidfinner who sent his children, Bil and Hiuki, to fetch song-mead from the well, Byrgir. Whilst fetching the mead they were abducted by Manu. Vidfinner followed them and stole some of the mead and was then exiled to the moon where, as Svigdur, he was condemned to a state of perpetual drunkenness. Sometimes known as Ivald, Ivalde, Ivalde, Iwaldi, Iwaldi, Slagfinn, Slagfinn, Svald, Svald, Svigdur, Svigdur, Vidfinner, Vidfinner, Saxon Hengist or Saxon Hengist.

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