Central American - Sun-god of the Maya, god of day and night, learning and writing. Son of Hunab and Ixazaluch. Husband of Ix Chel. Father of the Bacabs. He is credited with the invention of books and is depicted as a benevolent old man with no teeth or as a huge serpent. moon-god or is equated with Ah Kin, Hunab or Kukulcan. Also referred to as Itzamna, Chichen Itza, Chichen Itza, Hun Itzamna, Hun Itzamna, Itzam Na, Itzam Na, Itzamma, Itzamma, Izamna, Izamna, Izona, Izona, Lakin Chan, Lakin Chan, Lizard House, Lizard House, Quetzalcoatl , Quetzalcoatl , Ce Acatl, Eecatl, Ehecatl, Feathered Staff, (Green-)feathered Serpent, Huitzilopochtli, Lord of the (House of) Dawn, Precious Tree, Tla(h)ui(z)calpantecuhtli, Tlapallan, White Tezcatlipoca, Yahualli-Ehecatl, Hopi Palulukon, Mayan Kukulcan, Kwakiutl Kanikilak, Salish Quaaqua, Tlingit Yetl, Zuni Kaloowise, Huemac, Nanihehecatli, Papachtic, Quetzalcoatl, Topiltzin,Yahualli-Ehecatl, Uac-metun-ahau, Uac-metun-ahau, Xax-coc-ahmut, Xax-coc-ahmut, Yaxcocahmut, Yaxcocahmut, Zamna, Zamna, Itzam Cab, Itzam Cab, Kab-ul, Kab-ul, Kabul, Kabil, Xaxcoc-ahmut, Xaxcoc-ahmut, Aztec Quetzalcoatl, Aztec Quetzalcoatl, Gucumatz, Kaloowise, Kanikilak, Koloowise, Kukulcan, Palulukon, Quaaqua, Raven or Raven.

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